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You have found the icon journal for bleuunicorn and delenn_xi. Have fun and take a look around!

boring rule-type things
Alright, I know I'm not exactly a popular or well known icon maker, so this thing is really more for me. I will try not to delude myself with thinking people will visit here in droves. But, just in case someone gets lost and winds up here, here are the rules:

-Feel free to snag whatever I put up here, no need to ask.
-Please comment and let me know that you took something, and try to tell me what.
-Credit would be spectacular, but mostly I will be appeased as long as you don't claim you made it. 'Cause you didn't.
-If you want something with different text or something, feel free to ask. If you plan to customize something, please tell me so.
-Feel free to request something (whether it be a specific graphic, or just a theme in general). Do try to be as specific as possible though, otherwise I'm apt to just do something insane. Also, requests may take awhile, I'm starting a new job, and probably won't have as much photoshop time as I'd like.
-Comments and feedback are welcomed, encouraged, and met with love and cookies. We all need our egos stroked every now and again, right?

Damn, I don't know where all those came from. I really am more laid back than that makes me look. Have fun :)

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